Alphabetical Order

Tonina Ananna Using the Cosmic X-ray background to constrain AGN population synthesis model and X-ray spectra
Jennifer Anguita Fast Optical Variability of Intermediate-Mass Black Holes Candidates in Local Galaxies
Patricia Arévalo The physics of feedback in M87
Eduardo Bañados Quasars in the epoch of reionization
Bidisha Bandyopadhyay Predicting observations of disk winds and jets for the EHT and the GMVA
Shantanu Basu The Mass Function of Supermassive Black Holes in the Direct Collapse Scenario
Santiago Bernal Kinematical and physical properties of the ionized gas in the center on M87
Henry Best Nano-arcsecond Resolution of Accreting Black Holes Using Gravitational Microlensing
Fuyan Bian The most massive supermassive black holes at the earlyepoch of the University
Benjamin Boizelle Black Hole Mass Measurement in Luminous Early-type Galaxies with ALMA
Silvia Bonoli From the nuclei of dwarf galaxies to the rarest quasars:modelling black holes across a wide range of scales
Elisa Bortolas Global torques and stochasticity as the drivers of massive black hole pairing at z>6
Paula Cáceres Search of Intermediate Mass Black Holes using Spectral Analysis
Diego Calderón Stellar Winds Pump the Heart of the Milky Way
Jenna Cann The Power of JWST in the Hunt for Intermediate Mass Black Holes
Rosamaria Carraro Investigating the origin of the Lx-SFR relation by using SEMs
Maria Charisi Pulsar Timing Array Limits on Supermassive Black Hole Binaries within 500Mpc
Igor Chilingarian AGN powered by intermediate-mass black holes: fundamental relations and (often) rapid BH growth
Jonathan Cohn The black hole in the Compact Elliptical Galaxy UGC 2698
Marcelo Cortés Vergara Impact of flattening and rotation on black hole formation in protostar clusters
Edgar Cortés-Suárez Host galaxies properties of 47 Type 1 AGN in MaNGA
Tiago Costa Powering galactic super-winds with AGN
Arpan Das Nuclear star clusters as the birthplaces of SupermassiveBlack Holes: collisions and accretion in low-metallicityenvironments
Timothy Davis Black Hole across the Hubble Sequence: gaining wisdom with WISDOM
Demetra De Cicco Variable AGN Selection Toward the LSST Era
Andrea Derdzinski AGN disks and the formation of milliHertz GW sources
Fabio Di Mascia Probing the growth of early SMBHs with radiative transfer cosmological simulations
Vanesa Díaz The role of radiation backgrounds in the direct collapse scenario
Yaherlyn Díaz Demystifying the powering mechanism of Low-Luminosity AGNs
Tiziana Di Matteo The first quasars in cosmological simulations
Shep Doeleman The Event Horizon Telescope: Latest Results andFuture Plans
Antoine Dumont An excess of k-band dust emission in LLAGNs
Anna-Christina Eilers The Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at Early Cosmic Epochs
Andrés Escala Observational Evidence for Massive Black Hole Formation Driven by Runaway Stellar Collisions in Galactic Nuclei
Adi Foord Finding the Missing Population of Multi-AGN
Giacomo Fragioni Repeated mergers and ejection of massive black holes within nuclear star clusters
Alister Graham Consistent predictions for intermediate mass black holes
Jenny Greene Intermediate-mass Black Holes
Kirill Grishin Internal Properties and Environment of Galaxies Hosting AGN powered by low-mass Black Holes
Kayhan Gultekin What we can learn from stellar dynamical mass measurements of black hole masses
Zoltan Haiman The Initial Mass Function of Black Holes
Lorena Hernández-García Multiwavelength analysis of giant radio galaxies
H. A. Hewitt Simulated Spectropolarimetry of Accretion Disk Winds
Ryan Hickox The hidden and elusive growth of black holes over cosmic time
Yang-Fei Jiang Radiation MHD Simulations of Super- Eddington Accretion Disks around Supermassive Black Holes
Kriti Kamal Gupta Scattered X-Ray Radiation in Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei
Ilya Khrykin The First Measurement of the Distribution of Quasar Lifetimes
Seth Kimbrell The Diverse Morphologies and Structures of Dwarf Galaxies Hosting Optically-Selected Active Massive Black Holes
Mike Koss Tending the Fire: Results from the BASS Survey on Black Hole Growth in the local Universe
Erini Lambrides The Importance of Lower Luminosity Obscured AGN inthe BH-Galaxy Co-Evolution Paradigm
Muhammad Latif Growth of massive black holes
Junyao Li Unveiling Host-Galaxy Structures of SDSS QSOs with HSC-SSP
Yuan Li Direct Detection of Black Hole-Driven Turbulence in the Centers of Galaxy Clusters
Paulina Lira Variability in dwarf AGN
Elena López Navas Understanding the vicinity of SBHs through X-ray variability
Alonso Luna Hypervelocity Red Clump Stars in the Galactic Bulge
Alessandro Lupi Growing massive black holes via super-critical accretion
Duccio Macconi Radio Galaxies flavours: how accretion and environment can make the difference
Stefano Marchesi New insights on early black hole accretion fromsimulations of X-ray surveys with Athena and with theAXIS probe
Alessandro Marconi The physical properties of AGN outflows and star formation quenching
Victor Marian The role of major mergers in triggering AGNs with the highest Eddington ratios
Christopher Marsden Modelling the total and ex-situ growth of SMBHs via Velocity Dispersion
Jorge Martínez-Palomera Searching for Intermediate-mass Black Holes using variability
Paola Marziani Radio properties of highly accreting massive black holes
Chiara Mazzucchelli Feeding the earliest supermassive black-holes:High-redshift quasars and their environments
Jeffrey McKaig High Resolution X-Ray Spectra of the Polar Gas using RefleX
Brenna Mockler Tidal disruption events
Mallory Molina Outflows from a Radio-Selected AGN in a Dwarf Galaxy
Riccardo Nanni Probabilistic z>6 QSOs selection with extreme deconvolution model
Alenka Negrete Optical properties of highly accreting quasars
Matt O’Dowd Mapping the Vicinity of 1000s of SMBHs with Gravitational Microlensing
Shoji Ogawa Systematic Study of AGN Clumpy Tori with Broadband X-ray Spectroscopy
Masafusa Ononue Black Hole Mass Measurements of Low-LuminosityQuasars at z>6
Taira Oogi Semi-analytic modeling of AGNs: auto-correlation function and halo occupation
Alvaro Osorio Electron Acceleration by the Whistler Instability in Low-luminosity Accretion Disks
Swayamtrupta Panda Optical Fe II and Near-Infrared Ca II triplet emission in active galaxies
Myeong-Gu Park Rotating viscous Bondi accretion flow
Priyanjali Patel Black Hole Mass Estimation
Renuka Pechetti An Intermediate-Mass black hole in a massive globular cluster
Hugo Pfister Growing black holes with stars
Sandra Raimundo Black holes fuelled by counter-rotating gas
Amy Rankine Placing LOFAR-detected quasars in CIV emission space: implications for winds, jets and star formation
Amy Reines Intermediate-mass Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies
Rafeel Riaz Black hole binaries from Pop. III fragmentation in the H2 line cooling phase
Claudio Ricci The destruction and recreation of the X-ray corona in a accreting supermassive black hole
Federica Ricci Peering into the hidden BLR: constraining the virial factor in obscured X-ray selected local AGN
Alberto Rodríguez-Ardila A novel black-hole mass scaling relation based on Coronal lines and supported by accretion predictions
Alejandra Rojas Multiphase outflows in hard X-ray selected AGN
Nicholas Ross “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish…”
Nandini Sahu New Morphology-Dependent Black Hole Scaling Relations and the Pursuit of Long-wavelength Gravitational Waves
Paula Sánchez AGN Variability Studies in the Context of the ALeRCE Project
Astor Sandoval Fully kinetic stratified simulations of the collisionless magnetorotational instability
Jan-Torge Schindler Results of the X-SHOOTER/ALMA Sample of Quasars in the Epoch of Reionization
Alberto Sesana Black hole binaries across twelve decades in frequency
Kenta Setoguchi Multiwavelength analyses of Active Galactic Nuclei at z~1.4 in SXDF
Jinyi Shangguan The spatially resolved broad line region of IRAS 09149−6206
Taro Shimizu A complete characterisation of the sub-pc region around NGC 3783 with VLTI/Gravity
Andrea Silva The AGN incidence in merging galaxies up to z<2.5
Ross Silver The Identification and Classification of the 3FHL catalog
Anil Steh Black Hole Demographics from Dynamical Studies
Nicholas Stone Tidal Disruption Events: Questionnaires in the SMBHCensus
Jiri Svoboda AGN spectral states with XMM-Newton
Shenli Tang A spectroscopic study of dual quasars with the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Survey
Matthew Temple Exploring the link between quasar outflows and hot dust emission
Sabine Thater SMASHING – a homogenous sample of dynamical MBH measurements
Victoria Toptun X-ray confirmation of 14 new intermediate-mass black holes with XMM-Newton and Chandra
Núria Torres-Albà A complete census of heavily obscured supermassive black hole accretion in the nearby Universe
Alessia Tortosa Super-Eddington accretion onto supermassive Black Hole.
Scott Tremaine Nuclear star clusters as maximum-entropy states
Konrad Tristram Black hole growth on parsec scales revealed by interferometry
Yoshihiro Ueda Hard X-ray View of Heavily Obscured AGNs and FORCE Mission
Ryosuke Uematsu Location of AGN Torus in Circinus Galaxy Estimated with XCLUMPY Model
Canel Unal On Spin Dependence of the Fundamental Plane of Black Hole Activity
Rosa Valiante Unveiling early BHs growth with multi-frequency gravitational wave observations
Giacomo Venturi Dissecting ionised gas outflows and feedback in nearby AGN and mergers
Fabio Vito A luminous Compton thick QSO powering a Lya blob in a z=4 starbursting protocluster
Feige Wang Evolution of Reionization-Era Supermassive Black Holes
Tyrone Woods On the origin of the most massive high-redshift quasars
Gabor Worseck Dating Individual Quasars with the HeII Proximity Effect
Satoshi Yamada Torus Properties and Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Ultra-/luminous Infrared Galaxies Revealed by X-ray and Mid-infrared Spectroscopy
Guang Yang What drives the growth of black holes?
Jinyi Yang Exploring Reionization-era Quasars: Early SMBHs from a New Quasar Sample at 6.3< z <= 7.6
Tommaso Zana High-z AGN feedback on galactic satellites: an insight from numerical simulations
Gao-Yuan Zhang The chemistry in the Galactic center
Xiurui Zhao A new observation-based clumpy torus model for active galactic nuclei