Black hole binaries across twelve decades in frequency – Alberto Sesana2020-12-11T20:27:17+01:00
Pulsar timing array limits on supermassive BH binaries within 500 Mpc – Maria Charisi2020-12-06T15:33:51+01:00
Black Hole Scaling relations and the pursuit of long-wavelength gravitational waves – Nandini Sahu2020-12-05T21:13:42+01:00
Global torques and stochasticity as the drivers of massive BH pairing at z~6 – Elisa Bortolas2020-12-05T19:46:38+01:00
Black hole binaries from Pop.III fragmentation in the H2 line cooling – Rafeel Riaz2020-12-05T19:43:12+01:00
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