Hypervelocity Red Clump Stars in the Galactic Bulge – Alonso Luna2020-12-06T15:57:26+01:00
Optical properties of highly accreting quasars – Alenka Negrete2020-12-06T15:57:11+01:00
Simulated Spectropolarimetry of Accretion Disk Winds – H. A. Hewitt2020-12-05T20:05:24+01:00
Electron Acceleration by the Whistler Instability in Low-luminosity Accretion Disks – Alvaro Osorio2020-12-05T20:04:21+01:00
The chemistry in the Galactic Center – Gao-Yuan Zhang2020-12-05T20:03:00+01:00
Radio properties of highly accreting massive black holes – Paola Marziani2020-12-05T20:01:56+01:00
Multiwavelength analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei at z~1.4 in SXDF – Kenta Setoguchi2020-12-05T20:00:33+01:00
The role of radiation backgrounds in the direct collapse scenario – Vanesa Díaz2020-12-05T19:59:06+01:00
Impact of flattening and rotation on black hole formation in protostar clusters – Marcelo Cortés Vergara2020-12-05T19:58:03+01:00
Location of AGN Torus in Circinus Galaxy Estimated with XCLUMPY Model – Ryosuke Uematsu2020-12-05T19:56:51+01:00
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