The Event Horizon Telescope: Latest Results and Future Plans – Shep Doeleman2020-12-11T13:51:53+01:00
Radiation MHD Simulations of Super-Eddington Accretion Disks around Supermassive Black Holes – Jiang2020-12-10T14:38:23+01:00
Growing massive BHs via super-critical accretion – Alessandro Lupi2020-12-10T14:34:52+01:00
Using the Cosmic X-ray background to constrain AGN population synthesis model and X-ray spectra – Tonima Annana2020-12-09T13:25:25+01:00
Tidal Disruption Events: Questionnaires in the SMBH Census – Nicholas Stone2020-12-09T11:08:52+01:00
Black hole across the Hubble Sequence: gaining wisdom with WISDOM – Tim Davis2020-12-07T14:43:42+01:00
Tidal disruption events – Brenna Mockler2020-12-06T15:55:19+01:00
The central parsec of NGC 3783 – Taro Shimizu2020-12-05T21:17:22+01:00
The destruction and recreation of the X-ray corona in a changing-look AGN – Claudio Ricci2020-12-05T21:16:00+01:00
New insights on early BH accretion from simulations of X-ray surveys with Athena – Stefano Marchesi2020-12-05T20:25:14+01:00
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