Predicting observations of disk winds and jets for EHT(230 GHz) and the GMVA(86 GHz) – Bidisha Bandyopadhyay2020-12-05T20:19:08+01:00
Simulated Spectropolarimetry of Accretion Disk Winds – H. A. Hewitt2020-12-05T20:05:24+01:00
Electron Acceleration by the Whistler Instability in Low-luminosity Accretion Disks – Alvaro Osorio2020-12-05T20:04:21+01:00
Radio properties of highly accreting massive black holes – Paola Marziani2020-12-05T20:01:56+01:00
Location of AGN Torus in Circinus Galaxy Estimated with XCLUMPY Model – Ryosuke Uematsu2020-12-05T19:56:51+01:00
On the spin dependence of the fundamental plane of BH Activity – Caner Unal2020-12-05T19:51:14+01:00
A novel BH mass scaling relation based on coronal lines and supported by accretion predictions – Alberto Rodríguez Ardila2020-12-05T19:50:12+01:00
Spatially resolved broad line region of IRAS 09149-6206 – Jinyi Shangguan2020-12-05T19:45:28+01:00
Spectral states of AGN – Jiri Svoboda2020-12-05T19:37:29+01:00
A new observation-based clumpy torus model for active galactic nuclei – Xiurui Zhao2020-12-05T19:18:07+01:00
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