Linking Hot dust emission and ionized gas outflows in quasars – Matthew Temple2020-12-05T19:08:44+01:00
Black Holes fueled by counter-rotating gas – Sandra Raimundo2020-12-05T19:06:47+01:00
Systematic Study of AGN Clumpy Tori with Broadband X-ray spectroscopy – Shoji Ogawa2020-12-05T19:03:11+01:00
Rotating Viscous Bondi Accretion Flow – Myeong-Gu Park2020-12-05T18:55:01+01:00
LOFAR quasars in CIV space – Amy Rankine2020-12-09T11:01:17+01:00
Peering into the (hidden) BLR – Federica Ricci2020-12-05T18:51:07+01:00
Gas-dynamical mass measurement of the SMBH in UGC 2698 with ALMA – Jonathan Cohn2020-12-05T18:28:44+01:00
Growing black holes with stars – Hugo Pfister2020-12-05T18:05:41+01:00
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