Unveiling early BH growth with multi-frequency GW observations-Rosa Valiante2020-12-11T20:28:46+01:00
Feeding the earliest SMBHs: high-z quasars & their environments – Chiara Mazzucchelli2020-12-10T14:42:22+01:00
Quasars in the epoch of reionization – Eduardo Bañados2020-12-10T14:30:53+01:00
The hidden and elusive growth of black holes over cosmic time – Ryan Hickox2020-12-09T13:27:08+01:00
The Importance of Lower Luminosity Obscured AGN in the BH-Galaxy Co-Evolution Paradigm-Erini Lambrides2020-12-08T09:53:39+01:00
The first quasars in cosmological simulations – Tiziana Di Matteo2020-12-07T13:04:14+01:00
The Initial Mass Function of Black Holes – Zoltan Haiman2020-12-07T11:47:57+01:00
SMASHING – a homogeneous sample of dynamical MBH measurements – Sabine Thater2020-12-06T22:23:35+01:00
Optical properties of highly accreting quasars – Alenka Negrete2020-12-06T15:57:11+01:00
The first measurement of the quasar lifetime distribution – Ilya Khrykin2020-12-06T15:06:58+01:00
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