Nano-arcsecond resolution of accreting BHs gravitational microlensing – Henry Best2020-12-05T19:52:14+01:00
The mass function of SMBHs in the direct collapse scenario – Shantanu Basu2020-12-05T19:48:49+01:00
Investigating the origin of the Lx-M* relation with semi-empirical models – Rosamaria Carraro2020-12-05T19:42:04+01:00
Probing the growth of early SMBHs with RT simulations – Fabio Di Mascia2020-12-05T19:34:03+01:00
A spectroscopic study of dual quasars with the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program – Shenli Tang2020-12-05T19:22:09+01:00
Quasar feedback on satellite galaxies – Tommaso Zana2020-12-05T19:15:02+01:00
Torus Properties and SMBH growth in ULIRG revealed by X-ray and mid-IR spectroscopy – Satoshi Yamada2020-12-05T19:04:57+01:00
Probabilistic target selection of the highest redshift quasars – Riccardo Nanni2020-12-05T19:00:08+01:00
A Luminous Compton-thick QSO powering a Lyalpha blob in a z=4 starbursting protocluster – Fabio Vito2020-12-05T18:56:10+01:00
On the connection of major mergers and AGNs – Victor Marian2020-12-05T18:53:45+01:00
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