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On the origin of the most massive high-z quasars – Tyrone Woods2020-12-06T14:51:15+01:00
BH mass measurements of low-luminosity quasars at z larger than 6 – Masafusa Onoue2020-12-08T09:50:59+01:00
From the nuclei of dwarf galaxies to the rarest quasars: modeling BHs across a wide range of scales – Silvia Bonoli2020-12-05T20:24:07+01:00
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The role of radiation backgrounds in the direct collapse scenario – Vanesa Díaz2020-12-05T19:59:06+01:00
Impact of flattening and rotation on black hole formation in protostar clusters – Marcelo Cortés Vergara2020-12-05T19:58:03+01:00
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