Tending the Fire: Results from the BASS Survey on Black Hole Growth in the local Universe – Michael Koss2020-12-08T16:56:23+01:00
Nuclear star clusters as maximum-entropy states – Scott Tremaine2020-12-08T14:45:03+01:00
Intermediate-mass Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies – Amy Reines2020-12-08T11:36:43+01:00
Intermediate-mass Black Holes – Jenny Greene2020-12-08T11:21:40+01:00
Black hole across the Hubble Sequence: gaining wisdom with WISDOM – Tim Davis2020-12-07T14:43:42+01:00
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Black Hole Masses Past, Present and Future – Kayhan Gultekin2020-12-07T13:28:17+01:00
Physics of AGN Feedback in M87 – Patricia Arévalo2020-12-07T08:52:22+01:00
Observational support for MBH formation driven by… – Andrés Escala2020-12-06T20:10:55+01:00
Stellar winds pump the heart of the Milky Way – Diego Calderón2020-12-06T15:12:40+01:00
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