BH mass measurement in luminous early-type galaxies with ALMA- Benjamin Boizelle2020-12-05T20:14:17+01:00
Black hole demographics in low mass galaxies & Stripped Galaxy Nuclei – Anil Seth2020-12-05T20:13:29+01:00
The chemistry in the Galactic Center – Gao-Yuan Zhang2020-12-05T20:03:00+01:00
Multiwavelength analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei at z~1.4 in SXDF – Kenta Setoguchi2020-12-05T20:00:33+01:00
Surprisingly strong K-band emission found in low-luminosity AGNs – Antonie Dumont2020-12-05T19:47:47+01:00
Optical FeII and NIR CaII emission in active galaxies – Swayamtrupta Panda2020-12-05T19:44:22+01:00
Scattered X-ray radiation in obscured AGN – Kriti Kamal Gupta2020-12-05T19:40:44+01:00
X-ray confirmation of fourteen candidates with XMM-Newton and Chandra – Victoria Toptun2020-12-05T19:39:52+01:00
Internal properties and environment of galaxies hosting AGN powered by low-mass BHs – Kirill Grishin2020-12-05T19:32:56+01:00
Dissecting ionized gas outflows and feedback in nearby AGN – Giacomo Venturi2020-12-05T19:32:02+01:00
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