Kinematical and physical properties of the ionized gas in the center of M87 – Santiago Bernal2020-12-05T19:25:07+01:00
Outflows from a radio-selected AGN in a dwarf galaxy – Mallory Molina2020-12-05T19:20:36+01:00
The diverse morphologies of dwarf galaxies hosting optically-selected AGNs – Seth Kimbrell2020-12-05T19:19:30+01:00
The identification and classification of the 3FHL catalog sources – Ross Silver2020-12-05T19:14:09+01:00
X-ray simulations of polar gas in accreting SMBHs – Jeffrey McKaig2020-12-05T19:13:08+01:00
A complete census of heavily obscured SMBH accretion in the nearby Universe – Nuria Torres Alba2020-12-05T19:11:11+01:00
Variable AGN selection toward the LSST era – Demetra De Cicco2020-12-05T19:01:58+01:00
Demystifying the powering mechanism of Low-Luminosity AGN – Yaherlyn Diaz2020-12-05T19:00:59+01:00
Understanding the vicinity of SBHs through X-ray variability – Elena Lopez2020-12-05T18:59:00+01:00
AGN variability studies in the context of the ALeRCE project – Paula Sanchez2020-12-05T18:38:30+01:00
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