Hypervelocity Red Clump Stars in the Galactic Bulge – Alonso Luna2020-12-06T15:57:26+01:00
Host galaxies properties of 47 Type 1 AGN in MaNGA – Edgar Cortes Suárez2020-12-06T15:08:44+01:00
Semi-analytic modeling of AGNs: auto-correlation function and halo occupation – Taira Oogi2020-12-06T15:05:53+01:00
AGN powered by IMBHs: scaling relations and (often) rapid growth – Igor Chilingarian2020-12-06T15:02:27+01:00
Consistent predictions for IMBHs,Chandra observations of probable IMBHs in the Virgo cluster – Alister Graham2020-12-06T15:01:17+01:00
Formation of SMBH seeds in nuclear star clusters via gas accretion and runaway collisions -Arpan Das2020-12-06T14:56:06+01:00
Black hole growth on parsec scales revealed by interferometry – Konrad Tristram2020-12-06T14:53:58+01:00
An Intermediate Mass black hole in a massive globular cluster – Renuka Pechetti2020-12-05T20:17:12+01:00
Testing the efficiency of the search of IMBHs through optical variability – Paula Cáceres2020-12-05T20:16:20+01:00
The Power of JWST in the Hunt for IMBHs – Jenna Cann2020-12-05T20:15:26+01:00
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